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Yes, 100% recommended. I found my doll to be exactly as pictured, if not better. It feels so good that I can’t stop ravishing this toy. The seller stands behind his product and his service is professional and reliable. I am so glad I chose them. If you are considering buying this product or any other product from this site then do it, it is worth it and you will be very happy with the results.

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Yes, flawless shopping experience! The package arrived as described (the information on the sheet said it was a silicone mold) and there were no customs fees. The butt molds are excellent and very realistic. The material seems to be of good quality, but I’m no expert. There is a slight smell of plasticizer, but I think that will go away after a while. These dolls on the website will fulfill your needs perfectly and fill your imagination. I will be buying another doll soon.

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Yes, I bought this doll and I was amazed at the great service here. Everything was spot on and the customer service was fantastic. I was surprised at how quickly I got a tracking number after they showed me a picture of her. She is very curvy and heavy. I loved all the details about her. I am a married man and this doll fulfills me without cheating me.

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